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    Meet the LAPA Board:

    LAPA Board • 2009–2010

    LAPA Board • 2012-2013



    Ermine Bennette (Historian) / Michael

    Joined LAPA 19

    Kids: Michelle and Laura (both Colombia)



    Sharon Carty (Trustee) / John

    Joined LAPA: 2011

    Kid: JC (Guatemala)



    Joan Giurdanella  (Treasurer) /

    Christian Smeets (Vice President)

    Joined LAPA: 1990

    Kids: Jean-Pascal Smeets (Mexico) and

    Lucy Smeets (Bolivia)



    Lorraine Lepler (Secretary) /

    Steve Ressel (Trustee)

    Joined LAPA: 2002

    Kids-Marili Ressel (Guatemala) and Evan Ressel 



    Jack Lieblein (Trustee)/ Sharon Green

    Joined LAPA: 1996

    Kid: Alexander (Guatemala)



    Mary Liljehult  (Membership) / Jack

    Joined LAPA: 2000

    Kid: Julia (Colombia)




    Dorothy Marks (Trustee)

    Joined LAPA: 1996

    Kids: Lillian Johanna Theresa (Guatemala) 



    Brian Mulligan (Trustee) /

    Maria Giuliani (Que Tal Editor)

    Joined LAPA: 2000

    Kids: John P. Mulligan (Guatemala), Joseph A. Mulligan (Guatemala), and David M. Mulligan



    Andrea Quatrale (President) / John

    Joined LAPA: 1999

    Kids: John Felipe (Colombia) and Anna 


    Joe Tartaglia (Webmaster)

    Joined LAPA: 1990

    Kids: Christian and Joe Jr. (both Colombia)


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